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Product Name Type Composition Remark
Charm In Cell Dual Effect Cleansing Oil Cosmestic Maringa Seed, Argon Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Macadamia Seed, Rice Bra The W/O Micelles Technique that provide skin-care effects during the cleansing process, W/O Micelles system that applies skin care effects to cleansing with a pleasant finish without feeling any oil residue
Charm In Cell Night Essence Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, Day Prism Complex(RGB-Red Green Bluelight), Light-Ascending Essen Specialized to be used at night that fills up the skin’s original light during the night, Light-Ascending Essence specialized to be used at night that fills up the skin during at night
Charm In Cell Day Essence Cosmestic Toco-Vita C ,DayPrism Complex(RGB-Red Green Bluelight), Light-Ascending Essenc Specialized to be used during daytime that fills up skin with full radiance with elegance, Light-Ascending Essence specialized to be used during the day the provides gorgeous light during the day
Charm In Cell BB Cream Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, Ceremaid, Jiyu, Alpha-bisabolol Multi-solution BB Cream that maintains natural skin tone with soft application, Improving wrinkles and brightening combines with the new concept “Toco-Vita C” which works on skin to provide lost resilience to skin and turn dull skin into clear lively
Charm In Cell Multi Suncream Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, EthylAscorbic Acid, Niacinamide, BlackYeast Fermentationadds All year around sunscreen with moist and neat feeling; everyday suncream, Helps block UV Rays A and B at once and actively reacts to external environment and even maintains skin clean
Charm In White-Up Treatment Mask Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, EthylAscorbic Acid, Niacinamide, BlackYeast Fermentation Mask that helps make clear and moist skin with the 2-step care of essence film and whitening mask, The whitening mask brightens up the whole skin tone, while the essential melting film intensively works on dull spot
Ge Toco-Vita Soap Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, Organic Germanium, Herbal Extract Incredible anti-aging soap for skin, Organic Germanium place the role for detox, Pure moisturizing cream and mild cleanser that leaves skin clean, soft and smooth
Charm In Cell Silky Veil Essence Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, Fucoidan ,Persimmon leaf extract Protective film soothes skin texture, Toco-Vita C, new concept of vitamin component which contains vitamin C and E for brightening skin
Charm In Cell Aging Serum Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, Jiyu, Persimmon leaf extract Multi-solution ample that takes care of voth wrinkles and whitening that adds luster to skin, Provides energy to skin; such as maca extract, wild ginseng of the Andes, Prevents getting dark spots
Charm In Cell Eye Cream Set Cosmestic Toco-Vita C, Jiyu, Persimmon leaf extract Eye Cream: Wrinkle improvement function, Prevents wrinkles and eye area healthy and moist, Eye Spot: Whitening function, Brightens and softens skin within 8 weeks(intensive care)

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