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Product Name Type Composition Remark
Remscar Film & Dressing Silicon Gel Sheet Dressing Material Prevention of Hypertrophic or Keloid scar
Renoderm Film & Dressing Hydrocolloid Dreesing Preventing the contamination of wound and protecting a wound
Rivaderm Patch Patch Rivastigmine Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease
Rivastigmine Patch Patch Rivastigmine Mild to moderate, severe Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinson's disease
Ranophen Semi Tab. Tabelt Acetaminophen, Tramadol hydrochloride N02AX52
Rebista Tab. Tablet Rebamipide A02BX
Rimiho Tab. Tablet Clonixin Lysinate M01AX
Roxma Tab. Tablet Roxithromycin J01FA06
Reno-Q Tab. Tablet Hyperici 80% methanol Dried Extract, Cimicifugae Rhizoma Extract G03X
Raberazole Tab. Tablet Rabeprazole sodium A02BC04

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